The new program is designed to help businesses grow through sales of PETRONAS products

PETRONAS Lubricants International Australia has launched a program targeting Independent Workshops in Australia to help automotive businesses sell PETRONAS products to their customers.
PETRONAS Lubricants International Australia announces that by being a part of this new program and working with its technical and professional team, your business could benefit from its commitment to continuously driving innovation.
At the same time, it says you can enhance your workshop brand identity; access the PETRONAS Training program; benefit from a winning range of products, brand new merchandising kit, seasonal sales promotions and collateral and digital marketing support; and enjoy easy product selection thanks to the Lube Selector App while being supported by a trusted and professional distributor network.

PETRONAS Lubricants training program
PETRONAS says that as part of the workshop program, it will train participants to succeed in business. It states that in order to ensure you can exceed your customers’ needs in a highly qualified and professional manner, PETRONAS will provide you with both products and technical and commercial online training. It says this will keep you up-to-date and prepared on the technological evolution of engines, equipment and new generation lubricants.

Useful training for your everyday work
PETRONAS explains that its advanced technical courses explore various aspects of the world of lubricant and lubrication, including but not limited to:
• Characteristics of lubricant and additives.
• Performance specifications.
• Analysis of lubricants used.
• Understanding how the state of the oil can influence the life of the components.
• New technologies for improving products.
PETRONAS believes its long-term commitment to R&D into new solutions is illustrated in the characteristics and benefits of its most recent laboratory technologies, °CoolTech and ViscGuard. At the end of the training session a Participation Certificate is issued. Further, PETRONAS Lubricants says its commercial consultancy can help you in your choice and management of the products according to specific requirements and in promoting your work in the market.

The PETRONAS story can be your story
PETRONAS is ranked amongst the largest corporations in the world by the Fortune Global 500. PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) is the global lubricants arm of PETRONAS and manufactures and markets a full range of high-quality automotive and industrial lubricant products in over 90 markets globally.
PLI is the technical resource behind PETRONAS’ Technical Partnership with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, and is responsible for the design, development, and delivery of the team’s fluid technology solutions with customised lubricants, fuel and transmission fluids to power the Silver Arrows.
Currently ranked among the top 10 leading global lubricants companies, PLI says it is delivering on the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of high-quality lubricants, functional fluids, greases and coolants for the automotive sector.

Why work with PETRONAS Lubricants?
According to PETRONAS, the reasons to work with its program are many. It states that its products have been engineered by experts. Further, it explains that its program and its products are backed by years of experience and research technology in the sector of lubricants and functional fluids, consultancy and high-class work, which allows PETRONAS Lubricants to increase the value of your workmanship and grow your business so that customers select you in their time of need.
For more information about PETRONAS Lubricants International Australia’s Workshop Program, contact PLIA major distributors CoolDrive, Oil and Energy, Pacific Petroleum, Global Lubricants Distributors, and ASV Euro Car Parts.

Alternatively, visit or contact PETRONAS Lubricants International on or 02 8833 4200.