To perform at your best, you need to keep your inner cool

When you feel under pressure, the ability to keep your cool makes the difference between success and failure, and it is no different inside a car.
Within a vehicle’s engine, oil is used to remove surplus heat from hot areas – but conventional oil can only take so much before breaking down.
PETRONAS says its Syntium with °Cooltech technology product is developed to transfer excessive heat away, targeting critical zones to effectively absorb heat and defend against engine damage.
It says it has strong oil chains to withstand and dissipate aggressively high temperatures and maintains a strong, stable protective film even at lower viscosities.

Key features and benefits:

  • °CoolTech Technology targets critical heat zones.
  • Outstanding high temperature oxidation control delays oil thickening and maintains a stable protective film for continued lubrication and protection of engine parts.
  • Excellent thermal stability withstands evaporation due to high temperatures for longer, again delaying thickening and maintaining that critical stable oil film.
  • Exceptional fuel economy performance due to an enhanced ability to withstand heat and maintain optimum viscosity for longer.
  • Maintains peak engine performance with its proven ability to clean and prevent harmful deposit build-up caused by excessive engine heat under harsh driving conditions.
  • Stable, stay-in-grade viscosity in all driving conditions, even the most punishing environments.
  • Instant start up lubrication to minimise friction and start up wear.
  • Longer drain capability to extend your vehicle’s service intervals.
  • Up to 20 percent less ash accumulation to protect after treatment exhaust systems.
  • Approved by major automotive manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz.
  • Over eight percent better thermal resistance.
  • Up to 15 percent better protection against deposit build-up compared to API SN PLUS limit** for optimum performance and ultimate power output.
  • Over 50 percent better resistance to wear† even if under harsh conditions.
  • Up to 85 percent better oxidation resistance compared to API SN PLUS limit†† enabling oil flow to critical engine parts to lubricate and cool the engine.

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* In its specific test, PETRONAS have lowered the oil temperature in the main engine bearings from 116°C using a market general oil to 106°C.
** Testing carried out by accredited independent testing laboratories. Sequence VG – ASTM D6593.
† Testing carried out by accredited independent testing laboratories. Sequence IVA – ASTM D6891.
†† Testing carried out by accredited independent testing laboratories. Sequence IIIH ASTM D8111.