CoolDrive adds new PETRONAS Transmission Lubricants to its range

CoolDrive Auto Parts is now distributing to the Australasian market the PETRONAS Tutela range of automatic transmission, manual gearbox and final drive lubricants.
The addition of 14 new PETRONAS Tutela products further strengthens CoolDrive’s oils and lubricants portfolio, which already featured the PETRONAS Syntium with °CoolTech engine oil range.
Leading the launch range at CoolDrive is PETRONAS Tutela Multi ATF 700, a top tier specification fully synthetic fluid for new, in-warranty vehicles, compatible with fluids such as GM Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV, ZF Lifeguard Eight and Nine, Toyota WS and Nissan Matic C, D, J, K and S.
Backing this up is the PETRONAS Tutela ATF D3, a top-quality mineral oil designed specifically for older vehicles, which either meets or exceeds the specifications for GM Dexron III, Ford Mercon, Allison C-4 and ZF TE-ML-09.
Also in the top bracket are the PETRONAS Tutela CVT 700 and DCT 700 lines, catering to those specific transmission types including DSG for VW Six and Seven Speed wet clutch and BMW Drivelogic Seven speed, while MTF 300 80W-90 is designed for most manual gearboxes where API GL-4 is recommended.
Completing the range are PETRONAS Tutela Axle 300 80W-90 (for final drives and gearboxes where API GL-5 is recommended), Axle 300 85W-140 (for differentials), and Axle 300 LS 80W-90 (for limited slip differentials), Tutela FE full synthetic 75W-90 GL-5 (for European and Japanese differentials and some manual gearboxes), ATF4+ (for Chrysler Group automatics) and CS Speed (for Alfa Selespeed).
The various products are available in a choice of pack sizes.

For more information, visit or contact your local CoolDrive Auto Parts branch.