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Increasing EV deployment locally means that every workshop now must be prepared and aware of the increased need to handle their customers’ EV vehicle demands for repairs and general servicing requirements.
Mount Auto Equip Services says this growth affords all workshops guaranteed new income opportunities, especially if they undertake “the small investment required for the brand-new Pico Automotive EV Diagnostic Kit.”
This brand-new Pico kit has been designed to provide the essential measurement tools and accessories for both high and low voltage systems on vehicles, including insulation testing and safety testing. It is based on the market-leading Pico Scope 4425A with Pico BNC+ technology and is supported by brand new Electric Vehicle Guided tests which are now included in the Pico Scope 7 Automotive software.
Mount Auto Equip Services says it is important to mention Pico has always supported constant free and ongoing automotive software updates for new systems and advanced tests as they evolve. Most importantly, it says this is driven in direct response to feedback requests from customers and the majority of OEM manufacturers worldwide.
The Pico EV kit is designed to cover all vehicle types and powertrains and to provide workshops with a future proof system that covers vehicles with high-voltage batteries and motor systems.
The Pico Scope 4425a BNC+ can diagnose Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles; Battery Electric Vehicles; Full and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles; 48V Mild hybrid Vehicles; and Fuel Cell Vehicles.
This Pico Scope 4425A kit provides comprehensive diagnostic capabilities for all types of EV (BEV, MHEV, PHEV, Fuel-cell), and ICE (Diesel, Gasoline, LPG).
In combination with the extensive range of Pico accessories, the 4425A covers engines/motors, sensors, actuators, communications buses, noise vibration and harshness (NVH), and basic measurements in a user-friendly system that includes extensive training and guidance information for the technician.

The Pico Scope 4425A EV Diagnostics Kit also contains all the test equipment required to ensure safety during work on an EV, and to investigate any faults that are likely to cause safety issues.
Some examples of EV guided tests the Pico kit can perform are:
• DC HV energy system or the AC motor/generator drive system
• Charging behaviour and 12V/HV battery current split issues
• Covers CP/PP communications between charging system and vehicle
• Three-phase current measurements to check winding balance under load
• All 12V and 48V systems

Mount Auto Equip Services notes that it is essential that you should only work on high-voltage systems in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and procedures; and you should be properly trained and equipped with relevant personal EV protective equipment.

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