Zeder Corporation will be bringing its offerings to the AAAExpo

In the ever-evolving world of automotive aftermarket services, Zeder Corporation says it emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence.
With the strategic merger of industry giants Fulcrum and Redranger, Zeder Corporation explains that it has catapulted to the forefront as the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of automotive polyurethane bushings and a vast array of related accessories.
Spanning continents, with operations rooted in Australia, the US, UK, and Vietnam, Zeder Corporation says it stands as a testament to global leadership and local expertise in the automotive aftermarket sector.
Under the expansive umbrella of Zeder Corporation are prestigious brands that have become household names in the automotive industry, including SuperPro, Whiteline, Nolathane, Formula 4×4, and Fulcrum Suspensions.
In Australia alone, the amalgamation has created the largest automotive steering and suspension entity, which Zeder Corporation says allows it to boast an unparalleled Wholesale and Retail Workshop presence across the nation.
The vision post-merger is ambitious yet focused – accelerating global expansion through strategic mergers and acquisitions complemented by significant investments in innovation, information technology, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, sales, and marketing.
The goal is clear: to reinforce and expand Zeder Corporation’s global dominion in the automotive aftermarket industry.
For over four decades, Zeder says it has been at the forefront of the industry, earning multiple awards and accolades for its contribution to the automotive world.
Those behind the company state the hallmark of Zeder’s success lies in its commitment to innovation, quality, and value; principles that resonate across the globe through its products and services.
The company not only caters to the aftermarket automotive industry on a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) level but also supports other globally recognised brands through its private label manufacturing program.
Zeder’s product portfolio is as diverse as it is vast, with more than 30,000 SKUs and counting.
It says this expansive range caters to every conceivable need within the market, including bushing kits, complete arms, sway bar links, sway bars, hardware, lowering kits, bracing, strut mounts, lift kits, and bespoke suspension products.
Further, Zeder states that each product stands as a testament to its “unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.”
As Zeder Corporation continues to forge ahead, it says its vision for the future is clear: to maintain its standing as a global leader in the automotive aftermarket industry while pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality.
For enthusiasts, professionals, and casual consumers alike, Zeder Corporation says it represents the pinnacle of automotive aftermarket solutions – “where excellence meets innovation.”

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