The tools have been 3D printed using BASF Forward AM Material

Plastfix says it is the automotive industry’s leading plastic restoration and specialty tools supplier.
It has cooperated with Forward AM, the brand of BASF 3D Printing Solutions, to deliver an innovative, yet simple, 3D printed set of plastic repair hand tools to be used on automotive plastic parts such as bumper covers.
The tools named ‘PlastiPush’ have been designed and used with great results by the Plastfix Team across their USA, Australian and New Zealand client base.
Plastfix says they have evolved to their present form through continuous improvement and are now ready for market.
Led by industry pioneer Mario Dimovski, the Plastfix Team has worked through various prototypes of tool designs and 3D printing materials to identify the best combination for restoring damaged automotive plastic parts to their original OEM condition.
3D printing has accelerated the process in a way that would not have been possible through traditional injection molding with the ability to develop various prototypes for testing and small batch end-product runs.
The tools give collision repair technicians the ability to push out impacts using heat and manipulation to restore thermoplastics like polypropylene back to their original shape.
Plastfix explains this is different from the traditional approach by most of the collision repair industry of using fillers or generic hand tools that can damage the plastic after heating.
On the other hand, the Plastipush tools provide technicians the ability to deliver a quality filler free repair process giving the plastic part the same characteristics and performance capabilities as intended by the OEM.
The PlastiPush Tools set comes in three separate sizes, with two custom tips on each end engineered to not stress the plastic part during the repair process at the point of contact, through messaging the damaged part back to its pre accident condition with the 3D printed material absorbing some of the pressure during use.
“What a great occasion this is for the collision repair industry. We not only bring these tools to the broader market, but also highlight the benefits of 3D printing. This allows a small company like Plastfix to launch an innovative solution, with the support of the material experts at Forward AM,” Mario said.

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