The PlusQuip range of auto electrical replacement parts and tools continues to expand with the recent launch of four new workshop kits

The EQP-053 Terminal Assortment and Crimper Kit features a Ratchet Crimping Tool and 1000 pieces of the most commonly used electrical Connectors and Terminals, including Insulated Male and Female Spade connectors, Insulated Eyelet Terminals and Insulated Wire Joiners.
The EQP-056 Fuse Assortment Kit contains 228 of the most commonly used Fuses for most automotive applications including Mini Blade, Standard Blade, Maxi Blade and 3AG Glass fuses, in a variety of current ratings.
The EQP-055 Connector Assortment Kit contains 350 Quick Connectors for automotive applications.
This kit includes both Male and Female Quick Connect Housings in one, two, three, four and six-pin configurations, and Non-Insulated Male and Female Blade Terminals to suit.

The EQP-054 Heat Shrink Assortment Kit contains a range of Electrical Heat Shrink Sleeve Tubing pre-cut to convenient 50mm lengths for ease of use.
The kit contains nine sizes (two, three, five, seven,10, 13, 16, 20, and 25mm) in both Red and Black Colours for easy identification.
The PlusQuip range includes products for the professional technician involved in the diagnosis and service of engine management systems. PlusQuip products are workshop quality and all come with a 12 month warranty and technical support.

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