Specifically designed to cope with harsh Australian operating conditions

Light and medium Japanese trucks have evolved over the years with various changes in their ride and handling characteristics. The suspension is one element that has seen some changes.
In the past, most manufacturers used heavy multi leaf spring packs in the front to suspend their vehicle. Customers looking for more comfortable and compliant vehicles has led to many truck manufacturers shifting to a parabolic spring suspension.
Powerdown explains that, in general, a parabolic spring is a low friction type of suspension.
This type of suspension does not rely on interleaf friction in the same way a multi leaf springs model does in order to dampen the movement of the vehicle.
A parabolic spring oscillates two to three times more than a multi leaf spring since the leafs in the pack do not make contact.
Powerdown states that this extra suspension movement requires a different type of shock absorber with greater lower speed control and says this is where the Powerdown LTS shock absorber range steps in.
This range has been designed to face the challenging road conditions in Australia, incorporating a number of features that are meant to keep modern day logistics vehicles on the road.
A high temperature oil maintains damping performance in harsh climates, while a large body size increases the oil capacity and keeps the oil cooler for better control.
The combined oil and wiper seal removes dust and water and keeps the oil in; and superior low speed valving reportedly helps control excessive body movement, increasing driver comfort, control, and safety.
Meanwhile, a large chrome rod helps to resist side loading, which extends the life of the shock absorber; while reinforced arc and projection welding provide extra strength and secure fitment to the vehicle.
Finally, self-aligning bush kits also help with secure and easy fitment.
Powerdown believes that for a safe and reliable vehicle, the shock absorber should be replaced as part of a regular maintenance schedule.
Powerdown says by upgrading to its LTS shock absorbers, fleets will have more comfortable drivers and better protected goods, stating that “the LTS shock absorbers deliver on comfort, safety and reliability.”

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