Garrett Advancing Motion is driving its business forward by investing in motorsports

Garrett Advancing Motion Australia has been a part of the motorsport fraternity for 40-plus years.
The potential of turbocharging in the racing environment was recognised as early as the 1920s and 30s when compressor cars, which used supercharger technology, competed against each other.
Today, turbos and e-compressors help to turn power into podium positions and deliver enduring success at some of the most famous race events in the world, such as in Formula One, IndyCar, the FIA World Rally or 24 Hours of Le Mans.
From back in the early days of drag racing to supporting the Nissan Skylines and Ford Sierras upsetting their rivals in the Australian Touring Car Championships, to today working with some of the largest professional teams globally, Garrett Advancing Motion has played an important role in this journey.
From the Ferrari Formula One team to the 24 Hours of Le Mans winning Toyota Gazoo Racing, Garrett is well-placed in the upper echelons of the sport. In fact, the last 22 winners at Le Mans have done so using Garrett Turbochargers.
Garrett also supports plenty of local teams here in Australia, including PAC Racing, Ben Bray Racing, JET Racing, Castle Hill Performance Racing, Mad Mike and Promaz – just to name a few.
Clearly, Garrett Performance Turbochargers can be found in most areas of motorsport, with Garrett Advancing Motion constantly releasing new performance turbochargers and looking to propel its race partners to quicker times on the track.

“We are always looking to prove the high reliability, performance and quality of the Garrett turbocharger,” Garrett Advancing Motion Pacific General Manager, Aftermarket, Paul Carlsson, said.
“At the same time as working with the professional race teams we have also supported many of the up-and-coming race teams that are just starting out in their backyard workshops and helped them on their journey to be a successful motorsport team and win races. 
“Motorsport and bringing high technology turbochargers to the market have always been a part of our DNA – for instance, the technology that we have learnt in F1 has been brought to our work for the latest Mercedes AMG E-Turbo.”
That breakthrough technology includes not only a turbocharger achieving speeds of up to 170,000rpm in F1 as published by Mercedes-AMG, but also pushes the industrial limits for high-speed electric motors which must operate perfectly in extreme temperatures and conditions between the two wheels of a traditional turbo setup.
Garrett has also developed the power electronics hardware and control software that support the electric motor.
“While Garrett’s first E-Turbo application will emerge in Mercedes-AMG premium, high-performance vehicles, Garrett has 10 active global programs in varying vehicle segments capable of electrical regeneration to create energy supporting hybrid vehicle operation,” Paul explained.
Garrett’s E-Turbo program adds to its existing electrification portfolio, which includes its Two-Stage Electric Compressor for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles which went into production in 2016.
“Garrett’s E-Turbo technology is just one example of how Garrett is well positioned to support future electric powertrains including hybrids as well as any other application requiring a new approach to problem solving the most pressing needs of the industry,” Paul said.
“Our participation in motorsport allows us to test the reliability of our products at the highest extremities so that what you see in the mass-produced vehicles that are on the road today is of the best design, performance, reliability and efficiency for the modern motor vehicle.”

Garrett Advancing Motion doesn’t just work in motorsports powering high performance cars in all realms of racing, it also supports the drivers behind the wheel thanks to its Boost Fraternity program.
“Every successful racer starts from the ground up. At Garrett Advancing Motion, we are here to help competitors become great brand ambassadors for us and for the entire motorsports industry, wherever it ends up taking them,” Paul said.
“We understand racing can be an expensive habit and that’s why we created a tiered program that will help ease some of those stresses, especially as racers graduate through the tiers.
“For Boost Fraternity members, quarterly program reviews will be conducted by our Boost Advisors, ensuring you follow through on the commitments set forth in the sponsorship agreement.
“We are looking for our ambassadors to consistently send race recaps, pictures and video content that we can share via our social media accounts or maybe even use for our advertisements. You don’t have to win races to get noticed!
“A purchase is also not necessary to be part of Boost Fraternity, but you do have to run a Garrett Motion Turbocharger!”
For all your Garrett motorsport and performance turbocharger requirements, contact your nearest Garrett Official Performance Distributor.

To contact your local distributor or to learn more about the Boost Fraternity, please visit www.garrettmotion.com/racing-and-performance