DENSO has a proud racing history that has delivered winning performances around the globe

DENSO says its experience as an original equipment supplier to the world’s major car manufacturers ensures its aftermarket product range is at the forefront of technology, designed with precision and manufactured to exacting standards.
“All of our products are subjected to rigorous safety and performance testing. Because failure is not an option,” DENSO Automotive Systems Australia Spark Plug Product Manager, Mitchell Sanders, said.
This core belief has manifested winning performances on racetracks, drag strips, superspeedways, and on challenging rally stages around the globe.
“As a company, we believe that there is no better way to prove the quality, reliability and performance of our products than to test their limits in the heat of battle,” Mitchell said.
DENSO has taken all lessons learned on the track and has applied them to the design and development of its elite Iridium Racing Spark Plug range.
“When it comes to racing, we understand that every performance advantage counts. So, if you’re hunting for more power and torque, then you’ll find everything you need wrapped up in our range of elite Iridium Racing Spark Plugs,” Mitchell said.
DENSO’s Iridium Racing Spark Plugs feature a 0.4mm Iridium-Rhodium alloy centre electrode that requires less voltage to fire and increases firing performance, mated to a 100 percent pure Platinum 0.8mm ground electrode that reduces the risk of melting the plug during harsh racing conditions.
DENSO says the combination increases engine efficiency, reduces misfires and delivers superior performance under hard acceleration. 
“Our patented 0.4mm diameter centre electrode produces the hottest, most concentrated spark with the lowest voltage for superior performance. “But that’s not the only patented technology that’s a feature of our Iridium Racing Spark range,” Mitchell said.
All DENSO Iridium Racing Sparks also feature the unique, innovative and patented Spark Cleaning Pocket technology that discharges and burns off carbon deposits, restoring electrical resistance and are manufactured using DENSO’s patented 360-degree laser welding process that ensures exceptional bonding and structural strength.
Building on a solid base of proprietary technology, DENSO Iridium Racing Sparks also features strengthened insulators developed specifically to withstand racing environments, are finished with a burnished nickel plating to deliver a high level of corrosion resistance and include a built-in, highly reliable Monolithic-type resistor to block noise that may affect electronic devices.  
“Every spark plug in the range also comes with a silicone coating on the insulator to repel moisture and carbon to prevent fouling,” Mitchell said.
DENSO states that this commitment to manufacturing excellence has provided DENSO with a reputation for reliable, quality components, which in turn offers tremendous long-term value to their trade and end-user customers.
“DENSO offers customers the most advanced spark plugs on the market and coverage for most makes and models,” Mitchell said.
“To reap the reward, use DENSO IRIDIUM RACING and experience a ride like never before.”
To learn more about the extensive range of DENSO Spark Plugs, ignition components, alternators, starter motors, and automotive air-conditioning products, visit DENSO at Stand N04 at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo or find your closest stockist on the DENSO website.

For more information, visit www.denso.com.au