Stabilus offers replacement Powerise electric tailgate systems

springs and dampers for the automotive industry and the independent aftermarket, also offers replacement Powerise electric tailgate systems for opening and closing.
“Unfortunately, it is still an unknown fact that replacement Powerise systems are available for DIY end users and garages,” Stabilus Managing Director, Gerd Kurz, said.
“There is still the perception that parts with electrical connections to the vehicle are a job for the service department of a dealership”
Stabilus says Powerise actuators are nearly as simple to replace as gas springs.
It states that as they are attached to the tailgate and the vehicle body with the same end fittings as the Stabilus gas springs, the only extra steps are the fitting of the grommet that protects the cables and plugging-in the electrical connector.
For each Powerise, Stabilus says it has comprehensive installation instructions which can be accessed on the Stabilus webpage by easily scanning the QR code on the packaging.
When you choose Stabilus Powerise, Stabilus says “you will receive the same high-quality part that was originally installed in vehicle.”
It states this is because “not only as the original manufacturer Stabilus guarantees a perfect fit and unmatched performance, but we also ensure the same state-of-the art safety features are included.”
Stabilus currently offers replacement Powerise for more than 80 vehicles and offers more than 1800 part numbers for replacement gas springs and dampers.

For more information, please visit www.stabilus.com or the Stabilus exhibition stand (J50) at the AAAExpo