Australian Made and Owned

Diesel fuel additives offer a number of advantages. Primarily additives provide lubrication throughout the fuel system – a vital ingredient missing from our low Sulphur fuels.
Responsive Diesel Fuel Conditioner was developed here in Australia especially for Common Rail Diesels but it is suitable for all diesel fuel systems. 
It lubricates moving parts, cleans and provides anti-corrosion protection for diesel fuel pumps, injectors and all fuel and engine system components. 
This fuel lubricant and conditioner has a powerful Nano formula that has been specifically designed for Common Rail fuel systems.
The conditioner includes an anti-bacterial biocide but does not contain water dispersants which is often found in other fuel additives that allows water to combine with fuel and flow past filters and water detection units where it causes catastrophic damage in diesel vehicles. 
Some labels claim to dissolve water, as water is disastrous in common rail fuel systems. Responsive Engineering explains there is no magic to these additives; they just use a dispersant (like detergent in oil).

It says the water doesn’t disappear so it is actually more dangerous for the common rail fuel systems as the water emulsifies with the fuel.
Responsive Engineering explains that unless you have Water Watch installed, no filter can even see it let alone remove it before it gets into the fuel system, causing major damage.
It is very effective in assisting your pre-filter
water warning systems to detect water and warn you before water gets into the fuel system components.
By simply putting in a diesel fuel additive when you next fill up, Responsive Engineering says you can reduce fuel consumption and emissions, reduce wear and tear on moving parts and protect components.
It explains that its bottle is designed to fit into the door pocket so it’s always in the vehicle and 150ml will treat up to 1200 litres of fuel.
Responsive Diesel Fuel Conditioner is only available from Responsive Engineering or Specialist Tools Australia.

For more information visit or call 02 6280 4334.