From HSP

HSP recently launched its Premium Lid for the Nissan Navara My20; available in a one piece and a three-piece configuration if you have ST, STX or Pro4x sports bars.
“The Lid is 100 percent Aussie-made and earns its title of being the most innovative and updated hardcover on the market today by addressing the five fundamentals our customers have needed since 1994: Security, Weather Resistance, Affordability, Convenience and with an Aesthetic finish,” HSP Sales Director, Massih Aimaq, said.
“Most of our clients have thousands of dollars’ worth of belongings so it goes without saying, locking should be top of mind when designing a lid.
“We had the bright idea to have a dual latching lock position with a single rotary latch – that’s double the strength of our competitors and with the option for a central locking kit that lets you lock and unlock your tail kit with your factory remote.
“Our lids are shaped to direct rainwater down the thickest inlet channels you can buy, that’s between 20 and 25 millimetres compared to the industry average of three to 10.
“Something this heavy duty has also been made in mind that you may want to remove it – well you can in less than two minutes using our pin system removal on the rear wall hinges.
“A Tub cover offers a lot of utility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some effort into making it uniform. Each lid is specific to the model of car it is fitted to; this means if you want a lid to match your colour scheme and take shape from the rest of your vehicle, we have got you covered.
“We wanted to keep the hard lid affordable to Aussies despite its standout quality, which is why we’re actually positioned between $300 and $800 dollars cheaper than genuine and reputable aftermarket companies.”

For more information, visit or contact one of its distributors around Australia.