ARB has released its new Bluetooth Pressure Control Module

One of the key features of ARB’s vehicle accessory interface, LINX, is that it allows users to set and control the compressor directly from the device without the need for an inflation or deflation gauge.
Now, ARB engineers have developed a standalone system that it says gives all users unmatched convenience and control when it is time to air up and down.
Introducing ARB’s Pressure Control Module, a Bluetooth module that allows hands-free operation during the air up or down process.
To use, simply plug the hose into the compressor and straight into the tyre and operate the compressor via your phone using the Compressor Connect app.

With the ability to set a target pressure or save up to four custom presets for common uses such as sand, bitumen or gravel, the Bluetooth module will let air out or pump air into the tyre to hit the desired pressure and advise you via vibration and/or audio alerts.
ARB says using this module removes the need for a tyre gauge, streamlining the process when in the moment.
The Pressure Control Module is available for $300 (Australian East Coast metro pricing) and the Compressor Connect app is downloadable for iOS or Android.

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