The brand has been protecting cars in extreme conditions since 1927

Filpro Automotive says it brings market leading brands to the Australian automotive aftermarket, including globally renowned brand, Prestone.
For the past 93 years, Filpro says Prestone has kept its technologies ahead of the rest, with its industry leading innovations.
Established in the United States in 1927 by means of supplying the motoring industry with an answer to regulating optimal engine operating temperatures; Prestone introduced its Antifreeze/Coolant.
The pure Ethylene Glycol was a non-flammable solution compared to the likes of alcohol, which was used most commonly at the time.
Filpro explains that in 1930 Prestone began making the first inhibitor powerful enough to protect cooling systems from rust formation, which gave them a leading edge within the industry.
Now, after 90 years of research and development, comes its “revolutionary formulation” of patented Cor-Guard inhibitors.
The primary function of engine coolant is to increase the boil point and lower the freeze point, allowing the vehicle to maintain optimal temperature, and to provide corrosion protection for the engine and cooling system.
Unlike most other brands of coolant inhibitor packs, the Prestone Cor-Guard inhibitor package is said to be designed specifically to start working immediately, providing protection to all types of metal and all surfaces.
It has also been designed to protect hot spots in areas prone to cavitation-corrosion, such as the water pump and engine block; ultimately extending engine life.
Filpro goes on to explain that Prestone can be used in every passenger and light commercial vehicle on the market.
It is compatible and mixes safely with any other colour or brand of coolant and will take on the original cooling system colour when used as a top up. Filpro says this eliminates the need for workshops to carry three or four different colour coolants.
Filpro also explains that Prestone is an OEM global supplier, which means the coolant will not void manufacturers’ warranties; helping professionals and consumers enjoy the benefits of a new found simplicity.

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