Prestone forms part of Filpro Automotive Australia’s portfolio of market-leading products

Filpro Automotive says Prestone products have been trusted for protecting vehicle cooling systems for over 90 years.
Begun with conquering the production of the first non-flammable Ethylene Glycol in 1927 to keep engines from freezing and creating the first inhibitor powerful enough to protect cooling systems from rust formation in 1930, Prestone says its significant 90-year history is attributed to its ongoing mission to “provide the finest automotive fluids in the world; keeping their technologies well above their competitors with industry leading innovations.”
It says Prestone’s success has come directly through developing new products, innovative solutions to motoring problems, improvement on existing products and establishing long relationships with OEM vehicle manufacturers.
Prestone says its leading vehicle maintenance products extends to its range of power steering fluids.
Prestone Power Steering Fluid helps to maintain smooth operation of the power steering system for all makes and models and is fortified with an advanced additive package that prevents corrosion, reduces wear and extends power steering system life.
Further, it is formulated with a premium base oil that reportedly provides long fluid life, meeting the service requirements of many global manufacturers, and is compatible with factory fluids.
Prestone Full Synthetic Asian Power Steering Fluid, Full Synthetic European Steering Fluid (suitable for where Pentosin CHF 7.1, CHF 202 or CHF 11S fluids are recommended) and Full Synthetic American Power Steering Fluid, are manufactured for vehicle specific application.

Prestone Power Steering Fluid features:
• Anti-wear additives to protect pump components
• Antioxidants to prevent sludge formation
• Seal conditioners to protect and rejuvenate seals
• Anti-foam agents to prevent pump cavitation and steering loss
• Corrosion inhibitors to protect metal components

For further information on the Prestone products available, contact Filpro Automotive via 0400 878 837, 08 8193 9675 or