Trojan Australia Electric Park Leg Part #307007

Trojan Australia has issued a Product Safety recall for the return of an Electric Park Leg which contains low levels of asbestos in an internal gasket.
The Electric Park Leg is used to support heavy duty trailers in a limited number of specialised applications such as fifth-wheel recreational vehicles, large horse floats with accommodation and similar low-volume situations.
A gasket located underneath the electrical motor housing, inside the unit, has been found to contain low levels of asbestos.
The gasket is only exposed if the unit is dismantled. The risk of any fibres being distributed is considered to be extremely low.
As part of the recall process Trojan has attempted to contact all known purchasers of the product directly and is now releasing information on a broader basis to help ensure anyone who could not be contacted directly is aware of the issue.

Australian and New Zealand purchasers of these units who have not been contacted by Trojan are asked to contact Trojan Technical Services Manager, Darren Malone, on +61 3 9701 9541.