The company has recently reviewed and upgraded warranties across selected product categories

The leading automotive electrical and power management brand says many of its popular models are now covered by “industry leading” backing of up to of five years.
Several Projecta products from different categories, such as Battery Chargers (Charge n’ Maintain, Pro Charge, Intelli-Charge and HDBM), Power Management Systems (Intelli-Grid and Intelli-RV), Lithium Batteries (LB100 and LB 100-BT), and Inverters (HD Batteries and IP), now come with five-year warranties. IDCX and IDC25 Chargers are also among these products.
The range of Projecta Jump Starters also receive warranty increases and now stand at two years. All revised warranties are for product replacement or refund, depending on customer preference.
Projecta Senior Brand Manager, James Pearson, said the enhanced warranties provided Projecta owners with even greater peace of mind, knowing their investment would perform to expectation.
“Battery Chargers, IP Inverters and Lithium Batteries are popular products within the Projecta range, and we’re pleased to now offer these to our customers with additional levels of support,” James said.
“Due to our rigorous testing and validation, we have the confidence to stand behind our premium product line-up, hence our ability to provide these comprehensive warranties, some of which are industry leading.
“Many of our owners use Projecta equipment in remote areas, in tough conditions and in demanding applications; this is reassurance that our brand can be relied upon no matter what the circumstances.”

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