Projecta has established a fast-growing online community: Projecta Switched on Tech Talk

With a dedicated team of four product experts in its Technical Support Department, Projecta says it is ready to help should customers need further explanation or assistance with a product.
One of the team members, Benny, has also recently transitioned to video as the brand explores new ways to support owners.
A 15-year veteran of Projecta, Benny lives and breathes the industry he works in, having rotated through the company’s production, manufacturing and design departments before finding his calling in tech support.
“As a child I was interested in becoming a teacher but never did – I really enjoy helping people and showing them how to do things. I get to do this in my current role at Projecta which I really enjoy,” Benny said.
Benny isn’t joking when he says this, you see – after officially clocking off from work at around 5.00pm, he would then happily spend his evenings on caravanning, RV and four-wheel-drive internet forums, sharing his technical knowledge with others on-line.
Given the time it was taking Benny and other tech team members to navigate the many on-line forums, Projecta decided to establish its own forum.
‘Projecta Switched on Tech Talk’ is a private Facebook group that has already grown to around 3,000 members.
In starting the group, it was Projecta’s goal to create an engaging and educational platform where owners and prospective customers could access general product information and technical support advice at the one convenient location.
What they ended up with could now be described as a community, eager to help each other and share their Projecta-powered projects with the group.
As well as encouraging a two-way communication channel between Benny and the other Projecta technical gurus, the group regularly posts videos covering product features and benefits, installation tips, troubleshooting recommendations and more.
Benny said that the technical nature of some of the Projecta range, as well as the fact that many owners opt for DIY installations, meant that inevitably users had plenty of questions they wanted answered.
“The user demographic for Switched On Tech Talk is split to around 80 percent for caravan and RV support, with the remainder of the audience being equipment dealers or RV manufacturers,” Benny said.
If you are a current or prospective Projecta owner and wish to learn more about the brand’s online technical support and educational resources, search for ‘Projecta Switched On Tech Talk’ on Facebook. Alternatively, Benny’s videos can also be seen on the Projecta Australia YouTube channel at

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