Prolec’s fuse range has expanded further to include the new MCASE+ Slotted fuse from Littelfuse USA

The MCASE+ Slotted fuse is a time delayed fuse designed to withstand inrush currents within a miniaturised footprint for optimal performance in minimal space.
While the original Unslotted MCASE+ cartridge style fuse can protect up to 40A with female terminals for 2.8mm male terminals, the MCASE+ Slotted fuse is rated up to 60A and can mate with 6.3mm male terminals or even mount performance in minimal space directly onto a busbar.
Further product models now include the MCASE+ Slotted High Temperature (HT) fuse which have a lower voltage drop and are designed to operate with a lower temperature rise in harsher environmental applications.

Prolec says the MCASE+ Slotted fuse has other standard features to assist the installer or consumer when fitting or replacing.
The top face of the fuse has a double-sided OCR amperage stamp, the fuse body is colour coded to the industry standard amperage codes and the side panel of the fuse is clear so that the user can visually inspect the fuse element.
An MCASE fuse puller accessory is also available to make inserting or extracting fuses from the fuse box “effortless.”
The MCASE+ Slotted fuse is available in a range of packaging sizes and styles including bulk zip lock poly bags, spare part retail blisters, emergency assortment retail blisters and assortment trade kits.

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