With Automatic Bull-Bar Recognition

Promata says its innovative PS-01 parking sensor is equipped with automatic bull-bar and protrusion recognition, making installation a breeze.
While some traditional parking sensors require programming to recognise bull-bars, Promata PS-01 utilises its sensor and software to detect and calculate the frontal protrusion of a vehicle without additional programming needed from the installer.
The rear parking sensor version by Promata is the PS-02, also with automatic tow-bar and rear protrusion recognition.
The parking assist system comes with black sensors that are paintable, and the sensors are suitable for both metal and plastic bumpers. The parking sensor can also be paired with a buzzer or a colourful digital LED display with beep warning.
Promata says the system utilises OE quality 58KHz ultra sonic sensor which provides better area coverage than the traditional 40Khz sensors. It states its sensors are produced under strict adoption of ERP and ISO/TS16949 standards, and are one of the highest quality sensors on the market right now.
The system activates when reversing or when pressing the foot brake. Other key features of the unit include:
• system self-test function for faulty sensors;
• the alarm volume can be adjusted (low-mid-high);
• audio mute function, for example, to ensure the driver focuses on driving instead of music through the vehicle speakers; and
• a smart design which ensures no constant beeping when the vehicle is at standstill and stuck in traffic.
Promata says it likes to make high quality, headache-free automotive products that enhance consumer safety. The company was established in 2011 and its main products currently include the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Power Door Locking System, Vehicle Actuator, Parking Sensor, DRLs, LED Head Lights, Autolights and the Anti-Collision Alert System.

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