The “best-selling” Mata2E was launched earlier this year

At the start of 2021, Promata Automotive launched Mata2E, the company’s latest tyre pressure monitor innovation and successor to Promata’s classic 10-sensor 4WD TPMS (Mata1E).
Promata says the Mata2E is a solid product that is capable of monitoring car and caravan tyres and two spare tyres, with automatic hook-drop function.
It is able to monitor pressures from 0~99 PSI with a large solar-powered LCD display and IP67 external sensors.
Compared to its predecessor, the Mata2E has an improved display with a small sunshade that gives the LCD screen more heat-protection, a gorgeous stream-lined teardrop-style design, and luxurious carbon fiber that prevents sun glare and also matches the interior of the dashboard.
Promata says that its Mata2E system has seen more demand than Mata1E and has sold out twice in the five months that it has been available.
Mata2E kit comes with four external sensors for DIY installation. These lightweight external sensors only weigh nine grams and do not require tyre balancing when installed.
Promata says the entire process is as simple as installing the external sensors on the tyre valves and sitting the display on the dashboard. For those who do not like clutter on the dash, also available is the 4WD TPMS MataC.
Additional sensors can be purchased later to upgrade the system to 10 sensors (including up to two spare tyres.)
Moreover, users can completely customise the high/low pressure settings per axle (from seven psi to 99 psi), which makes it great for recreational vehicles.
For very rough journeys, the Mata2E is also compatible with internal sensors. For this reason, mix-and-match configurations are also popular, such as four internal for car and four internal for the caravan.

For a full list of Mata2E features including solar battery life for one charge and replaceable sensor battery, visit