Offering advanced performance for 4WD and high-performance vehicles

The Delios Brakes Promek Series is designed and engineered to deliver outstanding performance tailored to the needs of 4WD and high-performance vehicles.
Whether navigating challenging terrains, enduring adverse weather conditions, or handling heavy-duty applications, Delios says the Promek Series excels in every aspect.

Exceptional stopping power
The Promek Series, incorporating the Carbon Advantage formula and Symmetrex Technology, is built to handle challenging road conditions, particularly the rough and demanding environments encountered by heavy vehicles carrying substantial loads.
Paired with the Delios Mekatrax 3 brake pads, which utilise a fusion of fortified metal and carbon, Delios says they provide instant stopping power even when cold.
It states this combination ensures efficient heat dissipation and robust construction, meeting all the rigorous demands of performance and avid 4WD driving.

Designed for Tough conditions
Promek Series brake discs are specifically designed to withstand any road conditions, especially the challenging environments faced by heavy-duty vehicles.
Delios says that with their exceptional stopping power and efficient heat management, these brakes deliver consistent performance in extreme conditions.
The durability and longevity of Delios Brakes are said to be highly valued, particularly by 4WD vehicle owners who appreciate their robustness and effectiveness in off-road and adverse weather conditions.
Delios Brakes says the Promek Series is a great choice for those seeking reliable and high-performance braking solutions, stating their combination of safety, longevity, and exceptional performance makes Delios Brakes an excellent investment for drivers looking to enhance their driving experience.

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