Kill bacteria with Cyclo Australia’s Ozium Air Sanitiser

Cyclo Australia says that with the responsibility of workers’ health resting heavily on the shoulders of business owners today, there are a lot of precautions that can be taken to improve the safety of workshops.
In the past, Cyclo Australia says all we were concerned about was keeping the seat covered from dirty overalls. Now the world is very different and it is the micro germs and bacteria that has changed the way we perform everyday tasks like driving a customer’s car. Cyclo Australia suggests the use of the following tools:

Number one : Air Sanitiser
Ozium was clinically formulated to kill bacteria and malodours with its ultra-fine mist small enough to capture airborne particles, trapping and neutralising them. Ozium also works on surfaces, hard and soft.
The secret to Ozium is the Glycol-ised formula. Originally developed for hospitals, it has made a very easy transition to automotive and has reportedly been the number one spray product in the USA for over 50 years.
For a thorough clean, remove the vehicle’s cabin filter and spray in the ducting with Ozium, before replacing with a new cabin filter. This will eliminate the malodours that cause smells and also give your customers the peace of mind of knowing the cabin filter was replaced.

Number two: Rubber gloves
A good pair of disposable gloves will stop the direct contact of your skin to the customer’s vehicle. If gloves are not available, wiping down the steering wheel, gear selector and seat belt with disinfectant will also prevent any germs transferring to yourself through direct contact.

New sizes, scents to come
Cyclo Australia says Ozium has come a long way in its career with new sizes, new scents and more to come.
New 0.8oz blister pack cans are now available in Original, Vanilla, New Car, Outdoor Essence, Country Fresh and Citrus. It says these cans are great for carrying on your person.
The Ozium 3.5oz can comes in Original, Vanilla, New Car, Outdoor Essence and Country Fresh. This size is great for truck drivers, vehicle owners or small workshops.
The Ozium large 8oz can is best for the workshop, car dealers and commercial applications. This size is currently only available in the original Scent, but will soon be available in Vanilla around the second half of the year and Carbon Black will also be joining the range early in the second half of the year.
Ozium gels are also currently available in two fragrances – Original and Outdoor Essence. Also available are new mirror hangers. All of these products are available from Repco and Burson Auto parts.

For more information, please contact Cyclo Australia on 03 9702 4314, email or visit