In this column, Capricorn Society’s Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser, explains how Capricorn Mutual works to protect members

It’s not something we think of often, our insurance and protection. We normally set it and forget about it, only thinking of our protection when we need to make a claim. However, at Capricorn we always ask, how can we push the protection we offer to do better?
Our non-profit mutual, Capricorn Mutual, was established to provide Capricorn Members with a competitive alternative to insurance. Today, over 9,000 Capricorn Members are part of Capricorn Mutual, meaning the Mutual is owned by and run for the same auto repairers it protects.
Demonstrating our commitment to provide better protection for our Members, I’m proud to announce that in 2021, Capricorn Mutual will be rewarding eligible Members with a $6 million Loyalty Rebate. The financial performance of the business over prior years, particularly this last year, has enabled Capricorn Mutual to accumulate sufficient reserves to be financially robust, enabling us to provide a Member Loyalty Rebate.
The Member Loyalty Rebate will be distributed to eligible Capricorn Mutual Members in the form of Capricorn Bonus Points.
As a Member-owned organisation, we price our protections to make only a modest profit, just enough to cover our regulatory requirements. Returning excess funds to Members whenever it is safe and responsible to do so, is another way we push ourselves to make your Mutual better.
Capricorn Mutual provides tailored protection products to vehicle repairers just like you. Unlike some traditional profit driven insurance companies, Capricorn Mutual is owned by the people we protect, so the more Members join the Mutual the stronger it becomes. With no shareholders to pay, our Capricorn Mutual Members always come first.
Your insurer probably doesn’t return profits to you, so it’s a good thing Capricorn Mutual isn’t insurance.
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Yours cooperatively,
David Fraser
Group CEO, Capricorn Society Ltd

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