Brakes built for anything

Protex says its Ultra 4WD range offers the ultimate in braking versatility as an upgraded braking solution for those drivers that want to be equipped for any situation.
Designed to withstand the toughest driving conditions, Protex Ultra 4WD is made for enhanced durability with a raft of features, including:
• Anti-Corrosion Protection: Ultracoat Z360 is Protex’s exclusive anti-corrosion coating for faster fitting and longer life.
• Eco-Friendly: Protex says it is committed to minimising environmental impact, from the production methods deployed through to the materials it uses.
• High Carbon Rotors: six directional slots and unique pillar design for optimised heat dissipation.
• Ceramic friction formulation on the pads: delivering ultra-quiet, stable stopping power. 
Putting the spotlight on its Ultra 4WD range, Protex has recently launched a new advertising campaign, “Built for Anything.”
The campaign showcases the versatility of the Ultra 4WD brake range and will be featured across radio and digital channels nationally. 
Protex says: “when considering their options to upgrade their brakes, consumers should go with the solution that is built for anything, Protex Ultra 4WD.”
As it states in their latest campaign, it says, “whether you’re driving down the road, towing a heavy load, or exploring off-road in the outback remote, Protex 4WD are the brakes built for anything.”

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