For a large range of cooling requirements

Adrad’s XF fin radiator core provides cooling for every S5000 race car.
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Over the last 35 years, Adrad says it has proven itself as a manufacturer of high quality, specialist cooling products; an achievement confirmed by its ISO9001-2015 accreditation.
From locomotives and giant mining dump trucks to 4x4s, cars and everything in between, Adrad says it can provide an optimal cooling solution.
High powered street machines, rally competition vehicles, speedway and track cars all depend on high performance cooling to protect their engines under punishing conditions.
When race vehicles were being developed for Australia’s new S5000 series by Gary Rogers Motorsport, Adrad was chosen to provide the specialist cooling for each car’s V8 engine and gearbox.

Adrad intercooler cores are fitted inside Harrop’s TVS2650 Supercharger for the S550 Mustang GT.

Each of the two side pods contains a radiator and the gearbox cooler is mounted at the rear. These cars feature five litre engines based on a Coyote quad-cam V8, limited to 8,000rpm and delivering 560bhp (412kW) and 450 ft-lbs (610Nm). Power is conveyed via a Six-Speed sequential Holinger gearbox which is pneumatically operated by paddle shifters.
Adrad explains its unique XF fin design alloy core delivers high heat transfer in a compact size that makes them ideal for this application. The XF core design is also used in water to air intercoolers for Harrop Engineering’s TVS2650 Supercharger kit to suit the S550 Mustang GT. These supercharger kits are capable of achieving over 1,100HP with supporting engine modifications to the Ford Coyote 5.0L V8.
Adrad is also a regular supplier of alloy radiator cores for Stadium Super Trucks in the US. These big 1.2m x 0.8m radiators are needed to keep the 600HP V8 engines cool during extremely aggressive racing.
On the other hand, Hot Rods and Street Machines driven on the road may not reach high speeds but can still carry plenty of horsepower. These applications often require cooling built for show as well as go and Adrad offers high polish finishes and custom detailing options which can make the radiator, intercooler and oil cooler into a work of art.

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