Regarded as the industry benchmark in crankcase ventilation systems, the ProVent range of products designed and manufactured by MANN+HUMMEL have become an industry icon over the years.

The ProVent range has continuously been developed further with the increasing demands of the OE requirements in the last 15 years and are still being supplied as original equipment to many OE engine manufacturers throughout the world—still delivering industry leading separation performance in the most compact design configurations. Every ProVent system is manufactured to OEM specifications with every unit tested prior to sale ensuring that all integrated systems are working as specified. ProVent systems are designed both for use as original equipment and for retrofitting.

MANN+HUMMEL, filtration expert and development partner to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries has built a business supplying every major vehicle and engine manufacturer in the world. Whilst the company’s industrial business interests are vast and includes a dedicated business unit devoted to the engineering and development of air oil separation (AOS) technologies, the company also supplies the world’s largest compressor and vacuum pump manufacturers with its high-performing air/oil separation solutions and elements. In fact, the company also works with ISO to revise and develop new quality and testing standards across many areas of filtration including air and oil separation.

The development of the whole MANN+HUMMEL ProVent product family was directed towards the newest generation of diesel engines and sets the standard for crankcase ventilation offering the following benefits:
• ProVent 200 reaches 98% separation efficiency – independently tested
• Excellent protection for turbocharger and downstream components
• Integrated safety valve against irregular crankcase pressure
• Easy to service and inspect via quick access lid
• ProVent systems can satisfy diesel applications ranging from 50kW to 5000kW
• Excellent installation flexibility
• Compact, light and robust design
• No auxiliary power required
• Extremely reliable
• Very low running costs

So how good are MANN+HUMMEL ProVent systems and how do they compare against product copies and alternate competitor designs?

The below graph illustrates the results of independent laboratory testing which measured the pressure drop and separation efficiency (ג,Pa¯¹) of 11 crankcase oil mist separators sold in Australia.


The below graphs compare the separation efficiency of the genuine ProVent 200 system directly against the non-genuine ‘copies’ and the alternate competitor designs as tested respectively. Note the large gap between a genuine ProVent 200 and the next highest performing competitor product.

When it comes to crankcase ventilation systems, achieving a high separation efficiency must not come with a substantial increase in differential pressure. Excessive differential pressure may result in the over pressurisation of the crankcase. The graphs below compare the differential pressure drop of the genuine ProVent 200 system directly against the non-genuine ‘copies’ and alternate competitor designs respectively. The results indicate that the ProVent 200 offers the lowest overall restriction.

Factoring in the very high separation efficiency of the genuine ProVent 200 and considering the fact that it is still delivering the lowest differential pressure drop against all systems independently tested, the ProVent 200 truly is an engineering marvel. In terms of service life, separation efficiency and value for money, this product is the leader in comparison to existing solutions in the market.

How to make an informed decision when buying a crankcase ventilation system or ‘catch can’?

Whatever the system or brand you are considering installing, ensure that you ask your supplier the following questions:
1. What is the separation efficiency of the system and to which test standard?
2. What is the differential pressure at the maximum specified volume flow?
3. Is the product lab tested and the performance claims substantiated?
4. How does it compare against a MANN+HUMMEL ProVent?

“MANN+HUMMEL has been synonymous with outstanding innovations for more than 75 years and we today count among the leading companies in filtration worldwide. More than 1,000 researchers and developers around the globe work to ensure that we can offer an innovative portfolio and can continue to delight our customers with a wide range of products for future filtration requirements,” says Martin Muehlmann, Managing Director of MANN+HUMMEL Australia.

MANN+HUMMEL is a leading global expert for filtration solutions. The company group, headquartered in Ludwigsburg, Germany, develops solutions for motor cars, industrial applications, clean air in interior spaces and the sustainable use of water. In 2017 the group achieved sales of about 3.9 billion euros worldwide with more than 20,000 employees at more than 80 locations. The products manufactured by the group include air cleaner systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, plastic components, filter media, cabin filters, industrial filters and membrane filters.

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