Designed to excel in the 4×4 and recreational market

Master Instruments says its Pylontech RV12100 battery brings a level of control not seen by a stand-alone deep cycle battery before.
In the world of battery storage in recreational markets, many people have already moved from the once traditional lead acid format to rechargeable lithium solutions.
Lithium Iron Phosphate, otherwise known as LiFePO4 or LFP, provides many benefits over lead acid variants which ultimately provides for a better total cost of ownership.
Weight savings mean better fuel economy and an influence on towing ability, while greater usable capacity allows for longer run-times and deeper discharges without sacrificing service life. At the same time, no gassing means the batteries can be housed in living areas.
The Pylontech RV12100 is a battery designed to excel in the 4×4 and recreational market thanks to some key attributes, explains Master Instruments.
This 12.8V battery has a 100Ah capacity rating in the popular NS70 footprint, allowing housing in existing battery boxes and other storage locations while being able to be mounted in any orientation.
Master Instruments says it is the very clear interface present on the top of the battery that sets it apart from the rest.

A simple On/Off button allows you to isolate the battery when not in use, and the clear LED State of Charge indicator provides a quick and easy visual capacity check to keep you in the know.
Being able to isolate the batteries when not in use means your battery is ready to go the next time you venture out – eliminating self-discharge concerns.
Pylontech has also built in an auto-balancing function between each battery that allows you to expand your system size.
The RV12100 can be used in up to 2S (two in series – 24V 100Ah), or 8P (eight in parallel – 12V 800Ah) configurations.
This flexibility allows you to easily expand your battery system size as your power requirements grow.
If you have not heard of Pylontech before, Master Instruments says that will likely be because Pylontech have been more active in the low voltage HESS and SME Energy Storage Solution markets, with a huge following around the world.
Master Instruments says Pylontech are LiFePO4 specialists with a focus on performance and safety.
It says by being a vertically integrated company, Pylontech makes its products from the ground up so that every part of the build integrates seamlessly.
Further, Pylontech is reportedly constantly developing new solutions, with two exciting new products for the 4×4 and recreational market due to drop in the very near future.
If you are considering a lithium storage solution for your 4×4, caravan or boat, Master Instruments recommends that you check out the Pylontech RV12100 at your nearest battery retailer.

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