Adrad says it is making life easier for radiator installers

There are some very handy search features available online to assist vehicle repairers who are looking for cooling system parts.
“Number Plate Search” is a great help in finding the correct replacement radiator for a particular vehicle.
Adrad say it understands that “time is money” so it says it has created Radiator Packs that include all the typical parts needed when installing a new radiator.
The bundle combines the radiator, filler neck cap, top radiator hose, bottom radiator hose and clamps into a single RADPACK part number.
So, instead of taking up your valuable time hunting down each of these separate parts to add to your cart, Adrad says you can simply select a single RADPACK part number and your order is done.
Not only have the correct components been bundled together for you, Adrad explains that each RADPACK costs less than the sum of its individual parts – so you can save time and money too.
Adrad states it has built each RADPACK using only high-quality, performance-proven parts and they are backed by a national warranty for extra peace of mind.
There are over 140 RADPACKs available and they suit a variety of popular vehicles.
You can find them available online right now from Adrad stockists.

For full details, call Adrad customer service on 1800 882 043 or Natrad Trade Online on 1800 628 723.