Available now from Aeroflow are XPRO ‘ready to run’ distributors and ignition products

Aeroflow now offers a range of performance ignition products that includes distributors, coils, ignition leads and much more.
It says XPRO distributors are available for the most popular V8 engines. The bodies are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminium and utilise a chromium manganese titanium steel gear which is suited for use with all cam shafts.
These distributors are ‘ready to run’ and do not require an external ignition box. The internal ignition module features a built in adjustable rev limiter.
Aeroflow XPRO distributors are said to be easy to install with only three wires to connect and with weather tight connector and wiring harness included – simply connect the power, coil negative and earth.
They also come with a grey output wire which is used to send a tach signal and set your built-in rev limiter or trigger your aftermarket EFI system.
XPRO distributors have reportedly been developed over the last 12 months with rigorous testing on Aeroflow’s ignition test bench as well as extensive testing on different engines to ensure maximum performance and reliability.
The XPRO range also includes specific and universal ignition lead kits which enable you to custom make your leads to your requirements.
XPRO leads are spiral wound 8.5mm leads with low resistance and high EMI suppression. The durable silicone sleeves with EPDM outer covers are available in red or black.
XPRO coils are available in both canister style and coil packs with the various required clamps and mounts. Aeroflow says XPRO canister coils have been re-engineered for faster throttle response and higher rpm power and are effective to over 10,000RPM.
Further, it says its XPRO Chevy LS style coils feature high quality internals that produce a higher voltage and spark, making for a powerful performance upgrade and a direct bolt-in for LS engines.

For more information and to view Aeroflow’s complete XPRO Ignition range or to find your nearest distributor, visit or call Rocket Industries on 02 8825 1900.