Auto Parts Group opens new ultramodern Sydney facility

For more than the last 25 years, Auto Parts Group says it has been quietly working away to build a high quality and timely automotive panel and parts supply service.
It says this has been no mean feat, with this toil bearing the fruit of major warehouse facilities now located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.  
However with a desire for continuous improvement at the core of the company, over the last 18 months plans have been set in motion to upgrade the Sydney facility, a process that APG says involved an end-to-end parts life cycle evaluation to achieve its high customer service and satisfaction targets.  
The resulting state-of-the-art facility has a 100 percent capacity increase over the previous location and is designed for 24,000sqm of storage.
It houses a modern warehouse design encapsulating everything from racking positioning and combining the likes of shelving and hanging locations.
APG says the latest in Warehouse Management Systems are the brains driving efficiency in the parts receival, storage, pick and dispatch life cycle.
This WMS also automates the parts locating process, optimising which parts are a best fit for each physical bay size and location.
Parts to person pick strategies have also been optimised into the design, with conveyors reducing the need for manual handling of parts.

Even the external building design combines on grade and recessed roller doors, further improving the goods receival and dispatch processes.   
APG says efficiency has been created in every touch point of the part’s ‘life’ in the APG supply chain to enhance its service. Located in Smithfield, it capitalises on transport benefits deriving from proximity to the port, airport, and several motorways.  
APG explains that it isn’t all panels and lights, as it’s not just the goods supply design which has had modern touch-ups with the facility fitted with translucent roof panelling (allowing natural light), water tanks and a 100kW solar panel system.
These features have seen the facility granted a Green Star Site Approval and APG says are a measurable action of its work towards a near zero carbon footprint.  
APG says the new Sydney facility reaffirms its long-term commitment and service level to the region’s customers, through increased product capacity, faster supply, and reduced parts handling in the supply process. It states that time saved equals cycle time benefit to you and money in your back pocket, now and into the future.
APG extends a thank you to all clients for making this transition possible.

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