Projecta says its revolutionary jumpstarters can keep you moving

Having debuted its revolutionary Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT) in its Intelli-Start (IS) 1500A professional jumpstarter, Projecta says it is now making this remarkable innovation more broadly available, starting with its new consumer-grade IS920 and IS1220 emergency variants, which replace earlier IS910E and IS1210E models.
Like the IS1500 model jumpstarter, the new IS920 and IS1220 do away with traditional recharging. Instead, once the vehicle is running, the user simply leaves the jumpstarter connected to the running vehicle for 40 seconds to replenish the charge used to start it.
The new models’ Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery and clever engineering allows them to accept charge from the vehicle alternator and receive a much higher current charge compared with other Lithium batteries and conventional lead acid batteries.
This saves time and increases convenience and benefits include a longer operational life (up to 1800 battery cycles) – that is around four times higher than competitor products.
Both the IS920 and IS1220 are suitable for use on a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars and four-wheel drives, motorcycles and watercraft and can be used in extreme temperatures, even as low as -20°C.

Providing 900A peak amps and 240A clamp power, the IS920 can start four, six and eight-cylinder petrol engines of up to a 6.0l capacity and will have enough charge to jump a vehicle with a flat battery up to 14 times (more of course if the jumpstarter is recharged at the time of use).
The more powerful IS1220 with 1200A peak amps and 400A clamp power provides even greater versatility and is suitable for petrol engines of up to 7.0l capacity and on diesels as large as 4.5l. This unit holds enough charge to jump start a petrol engine up to 68 times or a diesel as many as 34 times. With the patented RRT though, it is fast and easy to keep the device at full charge all of the time.
As well as being easy, convenient and practical, the new IS920 and IS1220 jumpstarters are extremely safe to use. Their LiFePO₄ batteries have been purpose-built for jumpstarting and specifically for cranking, making them much safer than the Lithium Cobalt (LiCoO₂) batteries found in many competitors’ jumpstarters.
Projecta’s latest Intelli-Start IS920 and IS1220 jumpstarter models can be purchased at all leading transport, automotive and four-wheel drive outlets throughout Australia.

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