Cradle to the grave initiatives keep Century Batteries focused on recycling

Century Batteries says you don’t become Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer without understanding responsible stewardship has to be part of your work ethic.
The company explains it has a sustainable policy in that it uses as many recycled products in the making of its batteries (here in Australia) as it can.
Century Batteries National Marketing Manager (Automotive), Andrew Bottoms, said there was still no Government legislation forcing manufacturers and retailers to participate in the responsible disposal of batteries.
Andrew said there was also no significant funding or incentive for manufacturers or retailers to recycle.
“Lead-based batteries are one of the world’s most recyclable products,” Andrew said.
“Our commitment to environmental sustainability through our Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) program has seen Century achieve the prestigious, SAI Global ISO14001 environmental accreditation, an international standard outlining the requirements for a structured approach to environmental protection and responsibility.”
Century Batteries says its manufacturing process ensures all lead waste is recycled. The waste lead along with ULABs is recycled into lead alloys which Century then buys back from the recycler and is used in new products.
“We use more than 60 tonnes of lead per day,” Andrew said.
“30 percent of that lead used is recycled lead. Our recycling program boasts over 1100 registered Battery Recycling Centre’s around Australia.” 
Century Batteries says its green initiatives don’t stop there, explaining that in 2017 Century Yuasa partnered with Lite Group to develop recyclable packaging to move away from polystyrene. As a result, Century now uses almost 100 percent recycled packaging material in its battery distribution throughout the Century Batteries network.
Century Batteries says its continued efforts towards sustainability include the instigation of a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP), through which the company has been capturing and re-using waste water from battery and equipment wash-down procedures for sulphuric acid dilution and other activities; the recycling and re-use of various waste streams (including plastic wrap, cardboard and wooden pallets); and the recycling of batteries through the Century Yuasa Battery Recycling program.
Century Batteries is also a founding member of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative, an alliance formed by battery manufacturers, recyclers, retailers, government bodies and environmental groups to promote the collection, recycling and safe disposal of batteries.

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