The REDARC technical team is often asked “where do I mount my REDARC BCDC in-vehicle battery charger?”

While there is not one correct answer, REDARC says the below are some factors to take into consideration when choosing the right mounting location for the individual vehicle and requirements.
For the best charging performance, the BCDC should be installed as close as possible to the auxiliary battery/batteries as possible.
REDARC explains this is to minimise voltage drop between the BCDC and auxiliary battery and states that while less than one metre away is ideal, it may not be the most practical solution.
If distance between the BCDC and the auxiliary battery cannot be avoided, REDARC says bigger size wiring/cable must be used so maximum charge voltage can reach the auxiliary battery.
REDARC says if the auxiliary battery is mounted in the engine bay, then the BCDC should be mounted away from direct engine heat.
BCDCs are designed to work to full capacity in up to 55°C ambient temperatures, then start to reduce its charge rate up to a maximum of 80°C, with the current reducing to zero at around 85°C.
By installing to these recommendations, REDARC says both the BCDC and the battery will be protected and optimum performance from the BCDC charger will be provided for.
REDARC strongly advises you check the battery manufacturer’s specifications for charging voltage, max charge current and installation locations of the battery in question.
REDARC says the BCDC range can certainly be used for charging under-bonnet auxiliary batteries, but a suitable location must be identified. For example, behind the headlights, on the inner guard, or in front of the radiator.
But be sure not to mount near any heat source such as the turbo or exhaust and ensure that the unit has good airflow.
The BCDC’s heatsink has been engineered to dissipate its own heat but added cooling of the unit can be achieved by mounting it to a metal surface.
So as long as the BDCD is mounted away from direct heat, is close to the auxiliary battery and has been wired with the correct cable size and fuses, REDARC says the BCDC will be able to perform at its absolute best.
Vehicle specific mounting brackets are available from REDARC for many popular models, making finding that perfect location all the more easy.

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