New accessories have been launched

REDARC says it is pleased to introduce the newest additions to the GoBlock accessory and wiring range.
New to the range is REDARC’s PowerDock to Terminal Block Wiring Kit and its GoBlock Inverter Accessory Cable.
The PowerDock to Terminal Block Wiring Kit provides the parts necessary to connect the dock terminal to a terminal block behind the PowerDock installation.
This kit makes wiring from the vehicle and solar simple, as only an allen key is required to complete the installation.
REDARC says this kit is perfect for those replacing an existing battery installation with a GoBlock, or for customers who prefer to supply their own wiring.
The GoBlock Inverter Accessory Cable is designed to allow the connection of a 350W REDARC inverter to your GoBlock.
Featuring lug terminals to connect to the inverter and an Anderson plug on the opposite end, this allows users to have a portable, plug and play 240V power solution.
“It’s never been easier to go off grid on our own terms with REDARC’s newest additions to the award winning GoBlock range,” REDARC General Manager of Aftermarket Sales ANZ, Ben Marsh, said of the new accessories.
“The Inverter Accessory Cable and Terminal Block Wiring Kit add further flexibility to the GoBlock and the newly released PowerDock.”
Both accessories are designed to be used with REDARC’s latest innovation in portable power, the GoBlock, and the accompanying PowerDock docking system.
Featuring REDARC’s proprietary DC charging technology and paired with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery cells, REDARC says its GoBlock provides up to four times more charge cycles than other portable power solutions available on the market.
Further, REDARC states that its PowerDock not only provides a secure way to transport the GoBlock in a vehicle, but it also allows for rapid charge from both the vehicle and solar.
PowerDock has been tested to suit relevant crash and vibration standards and features a patented design, providing both restraint and connection with a single-action mechanism, as well as a neat anti-theft feature.
The winner of a Good Design Award in 2021, REDRAC says the GoBlock is the culmination of customer feedback and extensive market research relating to the limitations of some existing 4WD dual battery systems.
Designed, engineered, built and tested from the ground up in Australia, it has been purpose built to thrive in Australia’s harshest conditions.
Available in both 50 or 100ah models, REDARC’s GoBlock, PowerDock and accessories all come with nation-wide support, including a two-year “hassle free” warranty and after-sales service.
REDARC invites you to make the most out of the system which has been built for the most rugged and remote adventure and create a true all-in-one solution with PowerDock and GoBlock accessories.

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