The company offers products that will reportedly decrease the fire risk in the event of a rollover

In a heavy vehicle rollover scenario, the primary danger obviously comes from the initial impact, but there are additional dangers to consider as well.
One of these is the electrical system, which can spark and create a fire due to leaking fuel or flammable exposed goods.
REDARC’s Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) and Roll Over Sensor (ROS) have been designed to safely isolate batteries in 12v and 14v applications.
These products are made in Australia and are trusted by brands like Kenworth.
The company says it has put an emphasis on safety and reliability in the product’s designs, and it complies with stringent industry standards, including the latest Australian Dangerous Goods Standard AS2809;2020.
The BMIS and ROS feature an ISO26262 rated dual redundancy system to avoid false triggering.
The BMIS is ergonomically designed so that the four cables extrude from its side.
This gives it a smaller installed footprint than some popular alternatives.
During the development process, the BMIS underwent extensive independent testing and validation, including rugged field trials, to confirm that it could be fitted as OE equipment.
The BMIS can either be installed on a new model or as a retrofit.
The company provides a variety of accessories to ensure the retrofit installation is as simple as possible.
When the BMIS is combined with REDARC’s Roll Over Sensor (ROS), heavy-duty vehicles can meet AS2809 roll-over sensing requirements.
Together these products will instantly shut down the vehicle’s engine and electronics when it reaches an angle of more than 45 degrees.
REDARC says this significantly lowers the chances of a spark.
The way these two products work together with the system’s dual fault protection helps to prevent false triggers from wiring faults.
The ROS is designed with multi-axis dual accelerometers that provide multiple detections.
It will isolate within the three second window required by Australian standards and the system’s trigger signal also makes BMIS activation more reliable.
REDARC states that the BMIS and ROS can provide additional protection for not only dangerous goods vehicles but any vehicle that has the potential to roll over while electronics are in use.
The BMIS and ROS have been designed, developed, and tested in Australia.

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