REDARC says this is the world’s first compact portable dual battery system with ultrafast charging while you drive

REDARC, a leader in ruggedised mobile battery management, charging, and off-grid power solutions, has extended its capability into portable power.
Encompassing the 4WD, outdoor recreational vehicle and marine markets, GoBlock can be used in a variety of applications that demand remote, vehicle and solar rechargeable portable power.
“GoBlock is the culmination (of) customer feedback and extensive market research relating to the constraints of existing 4WD dual battery systems,” REDARC Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, said.
“This highly engineered product features the latest in REDARC’s proprietary DC charging technology which takes the guess work out of designing and building your own battery system.”
Uniquely Australian made and born from a dedication to innovation, REDARC says its GoBlock taps into the growing demand for portable and off-grid rechargeable power.
The difference, however, is this product is built tough for the outdoors and optimised to be ultrafast charged while you drive.
“I am excited for the owners of Ford Rangers and Mazda BT-50s among others who can’t fit a dual battery system under the bonnet, as this is the perfect solution,” Anthony said.
With USB, accessory, Merit, fridge and Anderson outputs, REDARC says GoBlock is the ideal solution for charging smart devices, phones, cameras, drones, as well as powering lights, compressors, fridges and more.
Featuring lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, GoBlock offers 2000 cycles, which REDARC says marks some four-times greater cycle life than other brands on the market.
The compact unit features an AC charger, DC charger, MPPT solar regulator, battery monitor and the lithium battery itself, all optimised to work flawlessly together and provide a portable auxiliary battery system no matter where you go.

With multiple charging options, GoBlock can be charged via DC input from the vehicle’s alternator while driving, AC or solar while parked and can accept up to 50 Amps from any DC power source utilising REDARC’s trusted DC charging technology, making it capable of charging a 100 Amp hour lithium battery in two hours.
“Using Bluetooth, GoBlock can connect to RedVision, our smartphone app that gives users access to the battery state of charge, system diagnostics, and input source information,” Anthony said.
“This connection also allows GoBlock to receive over-the-air software updates – the first product in our range to do so.”
GoBlock also includes a Start Battery Recovery (SBR) feature. This is unique to GoBlock and when activated via the RedVision app, it enables you to safely recover a flat start battery.
Extensively tested for durability and quality in REDARC’s state of the art South Australian manufacturing facility, GoBlock has been built tough enough to withstand all the elements associated with outdoor activities.
The unit comes in either a 50Ah or 100Ah model and measures just 425mm x 196mm x 230mm.
GoBlock has been designed to perfectly complement REDARC’s existing product offerings such as its portable solar range, allowing REDARC to provide the total portable, versatile and durable off-grid power solution.
Like all REDARC products, GoBlock comes with nation-wide support, including a two-year “hassle free” warranty and after-sales service to answer any questions.

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