The program is set to provide customers with peace of mind

REDARC says it is excited to announce the introduction of its new REDNetwork program.
The REDNetwork is a national network of
auto electrical focused trade businesses who have been certified by REDARC, to install REDARC products.
As an expert in its field, REDARC says it felt it was a natural next step to formalise existing relationships with expert auto electricians who offer a wide range of services in the market.
Further to this, COVID-19 has seen a rise in consumers holidaying in their own backyard and resultant spend on vehicles to make these adventures possible.
It says now more than ever is the perfect time for a service where customers are pointed in the direction of a business who can source and fit product all under the one roof.
At its core, the program is membership based, whereby businesses pay an annual fee and in return receive a range of benefits including but not limited to customer referrals, product training and extended warranty.
The ethos of the REDNetwork is to respect the individuality and ownership of member businesses and provide a “REDARC Team” environment that encourages collaboration and customer service excellence.
REDARC’s Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, believes the initiative offers a real point of difference in the market and says it is unique coming from a manufacturer.
“Our pillars of success have been formed by continuous innovation, a passion for learning and a team-based culture shaped by collaboration and quality,” Anthony said.
“At the core of everything we do is the customer. We are committed to achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction through service excellence and continuous improvement.
“It is for this reason that we have established the REDNetwork across Australia and New Zealand.”
REDARC’s Technical Support Team and website receive thousands of calls and visits each month from customers eager to learn more about the products and, in many cases, have them installed.
These referrals and enquiries are now able to be passed along to the network, saving the customer time, and providing them with the trust and confidence that REDARC are introducing them to a certified business.
A year-long trial of the program has been running in the Adelaide market with several businesses, and REDARC says the outcomes have been extremely positive.
“The Tech Support Team have and do send many customers our way. The referred customers usually start their sentence with, ‘REDARC recommended you…’ and so the trust is already there,” said Tim Byrne, the owner of Belair Road Auto which has been one of the members involved.
The REDNetwork program will be phased in over the coming years and aims to be offered in as many regions as possible throughout Australia and New Zealand.
“This is just the beginning of the journey. This program has been a long time in the making and we want to make sure, as it rolls out, it represents a positive experience for all involved,” REDARC Partnerships Manager and Manager of the REDNetwork program, David Evans, said.
“Members of the REDNetwork will be easily identifiable with branded signage, so all the customer needs to do is look for the logo and know the member business will take care of the rest.”
Customers can get in touch with their nearest REDNetwork member by visiting or calling 1300REDARC.
Businesses looking for further information on the program or to register their interest in becoming a member are encouraged to send an email to

For more information, visit