Available with Mufflers or Hotdogs for Holden Commodore VE and VF Sedan/Wagon

Redback Exhausts has launched its new Redback Dual Three-Inch Catback Exhaust for Holden Commodore VE and VF Sedans and Wagons, available with either mufflers or hot dogs.

• Dual Three-Inch Catback Centre Hotdogs and either 9”x5” Rear Mufflers or Rear Muffler Deletes
• 409 Stainless Steel Tube
• Stainless Steel Mufflers
• 10mm Thick Flange Plates
• Pressed Fire Ring Gaskets
• Coated with Premium Heat Proof Paint
• Sound Options: Centre Hotdogs and Rear Muffler Deletes (RPE608VEFS-HD) or Centre Hotdogs and 9”x5” Rear Mufflers (RPE608VEFS-PM), with more sound options to come

Key Features
Redback Exhausts says the Dual Three-Inch Catback Exhaust with Mufflers is the perfect kit for those chasing that V8 rumble for their Commodore, as the stainless exhaust with centre hotdogs and 9”x5” rear mufflers is the perfect way to get a deeper note for the VE/VF without adding too much volume.
Meanwhile, it states the Dual Three-Inch Catback Exhaust with Hotdogs is the ultimate kit for those chasing more volume, as the combination of centre hotdogs and rear muffler deletes transforms the Commodore into a more rowdy vehicle – perfect for owners with a “the louder the better” attitude.
In addition, both kits are Australian made, and provide greater clearance – a feature that is perfect for lowered rides.

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