CTEK has provided a number of tips on how Australian motorists can reduce their emissions

Statistics show that less than one percent of new car sales in Australia this past year were electric. This puts Australia far from its reduced emissions goal as a recent report from the Climate Council stated that 75 percent of new car sales need to be electric by 2030.
CTEK says it is the leading global brand in battery charging solutions and while the company acknowledges that new technology is needed, it says there are several steps that Australian motorists can take right away to lower emissions in their vehicles.
It states that workshops can increase consumer awareness of the actions that reduce emissions, which can help increase business while also helping the environment.
One action that CTEK recommends is keeping tyres inflated. Under-inflated tyres increase the rolling resistance of a vehicle, which leads to motorists using up to three times more fuel than is necessary.
Motorists should check their tyre pressure regularly every two weeks at a minimum. This will reduce fuel consumption and increase awareness of tire condition.

Another emission-reducing idea is to utilise stop-start technology. A report published by the Royal Automotive Club of Queensland stated that stop-start technology can reduce fuel consumption by five to eight percent.
CTEK also recommends that motorists follow a vehicle service schedule, including steps like checking engine performance, replacing air filters regularly, changing oil regularly, and checking the petrol cap. All of these actions can support lowering emissions.
Another idea for lowering emissions is regularly checking the vehicle battery. Stop-start batteries need to have the capacity to restart the engine every time the vehicle idles. To check a motorist’s battery health, CTEK recommends investing in a professional battery tester, like the CTEK PRO Battery Tester.
This not only tests the battery but also prints out a customer report and if the battery voltage is below 12.6 volts, CTEK says the workshop should recommend a battery service.
Further, CTEK says the workshop should use a professional battery charger, like the CTEK PRO25S, to complete the job.

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