Get a new level of automation with REDARC’s RedVision vehicle management system

REDARC says your customer can get a new level of automation and security in their caravans and 4WDs thanks to the Load Disconnect feature in its RedVision vehicle management system.
RedVision’s Load Disconnect feature is a
useful setting to optimise your customer’s auxiliary battery life and prevent it from getting over discharged.
This feature allows you to program your customer’s system to automatically switch off selected channels based on the auxiliary battery state of charge or voltage.
This means that if your customer’s battery drops below a set level, RedVision will automatically switch non-essential loads off, helping avoid premature battery failure caused by repeated over discharge.
Unlike traditional isolators that just disconnect everything once a certain voltage is reached, RedVision can be programmed to disconnect only non-essential loads based on battery state of charge.
This level of customisation means customers can be completely in control of how their system is configured and don’t need to rely on battery voltage, which is prone to fluctuating depending on which appliances are running.
This Load Disconnect feature also allows you to program RedVision to automatically turn your customer’s non-essential devices back on once the battery state of charge or voltage recovers above a specified level.
Not only can RedVision be set to disconnect non-essential loads past a certain discharge, but custom warning levels can be programmed to let your customers know when their battery state of charge or voltage reaches a specified level.
This means that customers are alerted when their batteries are approaching the Load Disconnect level and can connect a charger or decrease their battery usage.
RedVision has been designed to work seamlessly with REDARC’s full suite of off-grid charging and power products.
With flexible hardware options including the new, smaller TVMS Rogue, the distribution box can be tucked into any available space in your customer’s setup.
REDARC explains that these hardware options have been designed to be used with the RedVision colour display or smartphone app, making it easier than ever for your customers to keep track of what their system is doing.
Made in Australia, REDARC says its entire RedVision system is backed by its in-house customer and technical support and hassle-free warranty.
If you have any questions on wiring up your customer’s RedVision system, REDARC has a full team of Customer Service Technicians ready to take your call on 1300 REDARC (1300 733 272).
Operating Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm ACST, REDARC says its Technical Support Team is knowledgeable on all things REDARC.

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