Compact, portable, versatile and bright, Reese says the POD is more than just a torch

Indeed, they call it the “ultimate LED lighting system.”
From the bright wide beam which is visible up to 400 metres, to the multi-mounting system, the POD is levels above the standard work light or torch.
The Reese POD also doubles as a safety beacon, alerting others of potential danger and keeping families safe.
Best of all, the POD is versatile. Featuring at least four mount options, the POD can be mounted to virtually anything. The hands-free design utilises the built-in magnet to attach the POD to any magnetic surface, whilst the integrated hook gives you more options. Doubling as a hook and stand, the POD can be angled to shine light on a work area such as when changing a tyre, or hung from a tent pole, bonnet, or tree; Reese says the list of options is endless.
Included is the unique Reese PAD which creates a fixture for the POD. The clip-on clip-off element allows a fixed position, like in a workshop, without limiting the multi-mount versatility and portability of the POD.
The multi-function POD has nine light modes, doubling as a work light and safety beacon. The bright white work lights can last up to three hours on max mode while the 140° wide angle beam and 360° light projection give full vision in the dark; whilst the safety function will last up to 15 hours. Doubling as a work light and safety beacon, the POD will cover any lighting need on or off the beaten track.
The heavy-duty and weather resistant casing ensures that the POD will last in the harsh Australian conditions whilst the compact, low profile design will illuminate those hard to reach areas.
Small and compact, the POD is easy to take on the go, fitting in most glove boxes, tool boxes and tackle boxes. Using widely available AAA batteries, there is no need to worry about charging, just a quick change and the POD is ready to go.
The POD features a two-mode chip-on-board (COB) LED with 240 lumen output for maximum illumination.
The Reese POD twin pack is sold in all major auto/outdoor retailers, and can be picked up for $39.99.
Reese has been producing a quality range of vehicle accessories since 1952. Hitting the Australian shores in 2017, the Reese range is designed to make life easier. Full of features, the quality designs are safe and reliable for everyday use.

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