Jax Tyres and Auto recommends car owners get their steering and suspension checked regularly

Steering and suspension are two key elements of any vehicle that work together to ensure drivers maintain control and safely navigate the roads, which is why it is so important to check them regularly.
A car’s suspension performs six basic functions:

  1. Control the vehicle’s direction of travel
  2. Maintain correct vehicle ride height
  3. Support vehicle weight
  4. Reduce the effect of shock forces
  5. Maintain correct wheel alignment
  6. Keep the tyres in contact with the road
    Importantly, both the front and rear suspension must be in good working condition to deliver all six functions.

Importantly, both the front and rear suspension must be in good working condition to deliver all six functions.
Compromised suspension can lead to a great deal of damage to a vehicle and compromise the safety of the driver and others on the road. In fact, the braking distance can be increased by two metres, travelling at 50kmh, when a car’s shock absorbers aren’t working properly.
To ensure a vehicle’s suspension and steering is performing at its best, Jax Tyres and Auto recommends a regular wheel alignment to help the car’s tyres perform correctly, improve overall handling, prevent issues with steering and help them last longer.
A wheel alignment helps ensure that a car’s tyres are not misaligned which can lead to more serious issues and is a great way to ensure a car is performing at its best.
Misaligned wheels can cause issues with fuel efficiency, increased tyre wear, and impact on safety and handling. This ultimately means the tyres tend to drag more which means the vehicle needs more fuel to get moving, leads to rapid tyre wear and the need for early tyre replacement.
The most serious impact of bad wheel alignment is the impact on handling. It may seem trivial, but could cause more serious safety issues if an emergency stop or manoeuvre is needed and the car doesn’t respond as it should.
Finally, it is also recommended that a wheel alignment be undertaken when new tyres are fitted to a vehicle as this will help extend the life of the tyres and keep the driver safe on the road by ensuring all tyres meet the road at the correct angle and are properly centred.
Jax Tyres and Auto offers a complimentary vehicle inspection, which includes a check of a car’s steering and suspension to give its customers total ‘Peace of Mind’ driving.

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