Especially when it comes to brakes

Flexible Drive – an original equipment supplier to some of Australia’s largest and most demanding manufacturers – says it understands that in the aftermarket industry, reliability is everything.
As such, it says it applies those same exacting standards to the aftermarket products it supplies with its products sourced from “the best suppliers across the globe.”
When it comes to brakes, Flexible Drive says it is your reliable partner as the exclusive distributor of Remsa brakes in Australia – providing performance and reliability for over 1,300 plus parts and 24,000 Australian vehicles.
Flexible Drive says it knows value for money is important, stating that “comparing like for like, our prices are better value. We are a private business, which means lower costs for you. We are in business to grow and we believe the best way to compete is by keeping our costs down and offering you a better deal than our larger competitors. We give customers like you the best value, so you can pass it on, and continue to grow your business.”
Further, Flexible Drive says it is continually looking for ways to do things better and to grow. For five years, it says its range has expanded, with the hydraulics range growing by 100 percent and its Remsa brake pads range by 500 percent.
It says its catalogue is constantly being updated and its new eCatalogue allows you to find the parts you need and have them delivered faster. Flexible Drive’s communications systems have also been upgraded to make ordering and tracking easier while its range and availability has reportedly increased nationwide.
“At this rate, it won’t take long before we will have the best programs for parts interpreters in Australia. Constant innovation helps our business – and yours,” Flexible Drive said.
Not just brakes
Flexible Drive says brakes are just the beginning of its offering, explaining that it also specialises in cables, mounts, commercial wipers, safety systems and an ever-increasing range of control systems and replacement parts.
Flexible Drive says it welcomes brake resellers of any size, so whatever your needs and whatever your scale, it invites you to get in touch.

For more information, contact Flexible Drive on 1300 363 735 or