A range of batteries and battery chargers are available from Repco

A full array of products are available to meet the battery and battery charger needs of Repco customers, including the following.

Repco Batteries are proudly supplied by Century Batteries Australia and incorporate advanced design features and hard-wearing internal components.
Repco’s range of car batteries reportedly deliver longer life and dependable performance in Australia’s harsh climate and operating conditions. 
Repco also offers what it calls a “Hassle Free Warranty” which means if your battery fails within the listed warranty period, Repco will organise a replacement in-store.
Also available is a free testing service, with Repco explaining that if your battery isn’t working properly, or you want to check on the health of your battery, Repco will test it for you.
Repco also offers free recycling – simply take your old battery into a Repco store and they will recycle it for you. In 2020, Repco helped to recycle almost 30,000 batteries with the lead, plastic and acid components re-processed and manufactured into an array of other products including guideposts, cabling and even detergents.

Battery Chargers
You can get the power you need with a battery charger from Repco. Repco says it has the range to suit all types of batteries and charging requirements, with quality brands on offer such as CTEK, Projecta and Repco’s own Repco battery chargers.
Using a quality battery charger tailored to your specific requirements is your best bet to get you going and prolong the life of your battery, says Repco, which encourages you to browse and shop online or visit a store to discuss your battery charging requirements.

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