RCT and RCT Extreme are now available across common dual-purpose vehicles

Repco has expanded its range of RCT and RCT Extreme brake pads with a focus on offering customers and fitters more choice when it comes to selecting the most suitable brake pad for common dual-purpose vehicles.
Repco says it understands that people use their vehicles differently, something that is particularly common with SUVs.
Where one person will use an SUV such as a RAV 4 as a high riding family car for school drop offs and commuting, another person may use the same type of RAV 4 for regular towing or driving in hilly terrain that exposes their brake pads to harsher braking conditions.
To ensure the correct type of brake pad that suits the individual application is fitted, Repco explains it now offers both RCT and RCT Extreme across common dual-purpose vehicles.
Repco states that RCT has proven to be a great brake pad designed for passenger vehicles driven under normal driving conditions.
When used this way, RCT provides a great consistent pedal feel, with low dust and noise across a wide variety of vehicles.
RCT brake pads achieve this by using an advanced ceramic formulation along with Radial Chamfer Technology, Stop-Ready Stripe and Premium Silent Guard Shims.
However, some applications require additional stopping power and will need to last in harsher braking conditions, which is where RCT Extreme is designed to perform.
RCT Extreme was developed for heavy-duty 4WDs, Vans, SUVs, Utes and vehicles doing regular towing that need more stopping power.
All RCT Extreme brake pads feature the same technology as RCT but use a Heavy Duty Semi Metallic formulation, specifically designed to provide superior heavy duty braking performance.
The result of this gives drivers a consistent pedal feel and less wear on high load applications while still providing superior general purpose braking performance during regular driving.
To make sure your customers get the most out of their next set of brake pads, Repco encourages you to ask them how they use their vehicle and select the right RCT set of brake pads for them.

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