Adding value for customers

With the growing trend of workshops buying complete Filter Service Kits, as opposed to individual filters, Repco says there is a need to provide customers with a filtration program that not only covers the most popular vehicles on road but also adds value to the workshop.
Repco explains that its Filter Service Kits contain the high quality, recently “up spec’d” Repco Synthetic Blend Media Oil Filter (improved Life, Flow and Efficiency), an industry leading quality Repco Air Filter, a Repco Fuel Filter and, where applicable, the Repco Anti- Viral Cabin Filter.
However, it says what really sets the Repco kits apart from all others is the inclusion of a handy accessory pack at no extra cost to the customer.
Repco says its 4WD Filter Service Kit program has set the “new standard” in convenience by offering a complete service solution all in one box.
It states that only Repco’s Filter Service Kits contain a handy accessories pack with all things needed to complete a service.
The accessory pack contains two quality white cotton rags, one oil funnel, a pair of nitrile gloves and, where relevant, a sump plug washer – just add the oil, and you have all you need.
So, no matter whether the service is being conducted in a workshop, out the back of a mobile mechanic’s van or on the side of the road, Repco says the customer has everything in the kit to get the job done.
The Repco Filter Service Kit program continues to grow with a further 10 courier vehicle kits released to market, which includes the convenient accessory pack as a value add.

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