Clean up in style to be ready for Summer

Spring has sprung, and when it comes to providing the best names in car care, Repco says it has you covered for all your Spring car cleaning needs.
“Hook up the pressure washer or break out the bucket and sponge and have the cleanest car on the block with our range of premium car care brands and products,” Repco Car Care Category Manager, Sarah Taylor, said.
“Clean off that Winter road grime and restore and enhance paintwork and trims with our vast array of products specifically suited to all areas of your vehicle.
“Whether you’re an eager enthusiast or a professional detailer, we stock the car cleaning tools and products to take the hassle and time out of cleaning your pride and joy.
“Our diverse array of car washes, foam cannons, wheel cleaners and bug and tar removers give you effective yet mild cleaning, whilst our range of car waxes, polishes and surface treatments put the deep lustre and shine back into your paintwork.
“When it comes to treating exterior mouldings and trims, we stock a selection of the finest products tailored to restoring weathered plastic and faded headlights to complete your vehicle exterior.
“Finishing the outside of your vehicle is only half the job and we pride ourselves on stocking an extensive range of interior car care.
“Glass cleaners, leather conditioners, spray protectants and even a multitude of air fresheners are just the start to having your car renewed and ready for those summer time day trips.
“With the country’s widest range of premium car care and car cleaning brands such as Eclipse, Bowden’s Own, Turtle Wax, Meguiar’s, Armor All, Hydrosilex, Chemtech, Autoglym, RainX, Bar’s Bug, Invisible Glass, Little Trees and CRC, make a visit to and clean up in style.”

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