Changing the online ordering landscape

Repco says it has introduced a game changing feature to its award-winning Navigator Pro suite: Rego Search.
It says releasing this single enhancement has not only sped up ordering and quoting for the workshop, but also massively simplified the customer experience.
With Rego Search, Repco says workshops no longer need to ask customers for the specific make/model details of their car, or request the 17 character Vehicle Identification Number. They can simply ask the customer for their registration number, enter it into Navigator Pro and have the exact vehicle returned.
Repco’s Rego Search feature works by looking up the vehicle details similar to how State Road authorities and Road statistics departments do. Through an API, it retrieves the vehicle information and automatically selects the correct vehicle in Navigator Pro.
“With the proliferation of makes and models in the Australian market, many service customers aren’t sure of the details of their specific vehicle,” Repco Customer Connectivity Manager, Zac Walker, said.
“For example, when booking a car in for a service, the customer may be asked which of the multiple two litre engine variants their vehicle contains.
“Many customers simply don’t know, so the workshop staff are required to ask the customer for their VIN number which is often awkward to find and too long to memorise.
“With Rego Search, all the workshop staff need to ask for is the registration number, and if being serviced, the number of kilometres on the odometer or how long since it’s last service.
“We expect workshops will include this vital detail in their online booking forms and other digital contact points with customers.
“It’s all about making the discussion between the workshop and the customer easier, while still capturing all the required details”
Today, when a customer requests a quote through an online form, they will include their vehicle make and model, sometimes with a year or other details. The workshop will then need to call the customer, often the following day to gain the remaining information to complete the quote.
By comparison, if the customer supplies their registration plate as part of the enquiry, it can be used to look up the exact vehicle in Navigator Pro, aiding to create an accurate quote. The quote can then be emailed to the customer immediately, without needing to wait for additional information from the customer or calling back during business hours.
“While the change may seem small, its impact goes beyond looking up vehicle parts and information,” Zac said.
“As consumer preferences move toward digital channels, we need to support workshops with technology to enable this.”

Most workshops now have a website to attract and present their business to customers, but still rely on phone calls to attain the business and get the customer in the door.
Helping workshops move to digital communication with Rego Search will assist in aftermarket workshops capturing new generation customers who prefer to interact through digital channels, says Repco.
When combined with Repco’s SmartQuote service quotation tool, Repco says the new Rego Search makes quoting even easier. With just the registration and mileage of the vehicle, the workshop can determine which services are required, how long it will take and the quote price in under 30 seconds. The customer can be immediately informed of this information while on the phone, enabling higher sales conversion for the workshop.
Repco says Rego Search is just one of many new innovations it has offered in the workshop solutions space in recent years.
“We understand that it’s not enough to just supply parts in our industry, we need to support automotive workshops with the tools to run their businesses more smoothly while aiding in their efforts to support their customers with exceptional service,” Zac said.
Rego Search has been provided to Navigator Pro users at no charge. With unlimited usage, workshops are free to use the feature as much as they like within the Navigator Pro system.
Repco says thousands of Navigator Pro users have already started using the new feature, saving hundreds of hours in looking for vehicle parts across Australia. Released as an immediate enhancement to the full suite of Repco systems, Rego Search is available in Navigator Pro, Smart Inspector and the Navigator Pro Mobile App.
All current users were automatically updated in December 2018 so no downloads or updates are required to take advantage of the new feature.
For those without Navigator Pro, access is free for Repco Trade Account holders and can be registered for online at
Repco says that with continuous enhancements such as Repco Rego Search, Navigator Pro Mobile, Smart Inspector and integration with all the best Workshop Management Systems, it’s easy to see why it leads the market in online cataloguing and ordering solutions.

To find out more about Navigator Pro or any of Repco’s workshop solutions, visit or call your local Repco store on 133 227.